Advocate Linas Vilys


Phone No. +370 659 06168 
E-mail linas.vilys [at]


1993 – Rokiskis district Kamajai A. Strazdas secondary school (original name – Rokiškio rajono Kamajų A. Strazdo vidurinė mokykla), silver medal award.
1998 – Vilnius university, faculty of law. Law master‘s degree.


Commercial law 
Company law
Real estate and construction 
Energy sector 
Labour law 
Representation in courts

Professional development:

2002-05lecture on "Introduction to German law”, which was organized by the International Legal Cooperation Fund of Germany(IRZ-Stiftung eV), the German Lawyers' Union and the Federal Chamber of Advocates (Bonn,Germany);
 2002-05-18 – 2002-06-30internship at a law firm Knarr, Knopp, Zimmer, Müller (Darmstadt,Germany);
 2007-08Lectures on European contract law, European company law and European civil procedure law, which was organized by the German International Legal Cooperation Fund (IRZ-Stiftung eV), the German Lawyers' Union and the Federal Chamber of Advocates - (Berlin, Germany).

Work Experience:

1996-11-11 – 1997-09-19Lithuanian Trade Union Centre, the Chief Counsel;
 1997-09-22 – 1998-04-27Lithuanian Ministry of Culture General Counsel, Secretary of the Ministry;
 1998-05-01 – 1999-02-01Research and Studies Department at the Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science Counsel, LLC “Vyturys” and LLC “Lietuvos aidas” lawyer;
 1999-02-01 – 2000-11-15assistant attorney at law firm Zabiela & Partners;
 2000-11-15 –advocate and partner at law firm Vilys and partners AVIP.


Lithuanian, Russian, German, English.